Bluetooth on your smartphone should be on. Turn on your tracker and touch connect button. Enter the serial number of tracker on your smartphone and touch register button. You only need to register once.

1. Got a message Soccerbee tracker is not found.

Please make sure that the tracker is turned on. If a blue or green light flash, the product is turned on. If you get the message again even when the product is turned on, please exit both the app and the product and run it again.

2. Got a meassage Soccerbee is too far from a smartphone.

Soccerbee tracker and a smartphone should be close enough while proceeding with registration. Keep your smartphone and tracker as close as you can.

3. Got a message there is more than one Soccerbee tracker.

This is a message to prevent errors in registering other people's trackers in correctly when two or more products are found. If there are other users who are registering their tracker, please proceed product registration at a distance of 2 to 3 meters.

You don't need to be a part of a team to see the results of your match analysis. However, when you join a team and do a team analysis, you will get more information.

You and your teammates should register trackers to each one of yours Soccerbee account. And you can create a team analysis and share the analysis results if all your teammates join the same team in the app.

Soccerbee tracker is a personalized device. Therefore, the data in the tracker can only be used as analysis data of one synchronized user.

Previous owner of the tracker must delete the registered tracker in his Soccerbee app before handing it over to another user. If you touch the 'DELETE BEE/BEE lite' button at [My Page]-[Settings] in the app, Soccerbee tracker is initialized and can be used by others.

Soccerbee tracker is a personalized device. Therefore, BEE/BEE lite registration must be completed by each tracker's owner in their own Soccerbee app account. However, for Soccerbee trackers that have already been registered, the owner or manager can collectively submit the data to the team schedule for analysis at once. When the manager presses the [Hotkey]-{Sync multiple BEE/BEE lite at once], you can search the Soccerbee trackers of team members which are powered on around the manager's smartphone and download the data at once.

If you can't find a Soccerbee tracker that is powered on nearby, check if the owner of the tracker belongs to your team.

Soccerbee tracker is a personalized device. It is highly recommended to own one Soccerbee tracker per player. If different players want to use one tracker one after the other, they need to register and delete the device every match. In other words, before the start of today's game, player 'A' should register the tracker in his account, and after the game ends, player 'A' transfers the data in the tracker to his Soccerbee app and delete the tracker from his Soccerbee app(account.) Then in the next week's game, player 'B' can register and use the tracker.

Soccerbee tracker is recording data when LED blinks green. Please check if the LEDs are green again before the game starts.

Soccerbee tracker utilizes GPS technology, it is only available outdoors.

Soccerbee tracker uses GPS. Since the GPS does not work indoors, the blue LED is maintainded. When you turn on the tracker before the game starts at the outdoor pitch, the GPS signal is automatically detected and the LED turns green.

BEE provides an additional game replay function. When 10 or more field players use BEE together as a team, additional data such as the team's attack direction, defensive line, attack area, play area, and frequency of attack and defense are provided.

Metrics such as player's game rating, distance run, top speed, number of sprint trial, etc. are provided equally for both products.

Soccerbee tracker is not waterproof. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the Soccerbee Waterproof Pack when playing games on a rainy day. In addition, storing the tracker in sweat-soaked Soccerbee vest for a long period of time may cause damage due to water immersion. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep the tracker and vest separately after the game ends.

The most accurate measurement is possible when the antenna part that receives the GPS of the Soccerbee tracker is pointing toward the sky. Please wear it on the Soccerbee vest that the logo side of the pod faces outward and play football. If the logo side faces toward your back, it may be difficult to receive GPS data from Soccerbee tracker.

BEE / BEE lite

If you create a team schedule and play, the 'Live' mode will be activated when the corresponding game time is near. In the 'Live' mode, you can enter goals, assists, conceded goals, etc. during the match.

When doing personal(solo) analysis, you do not need to create a schedule. Turn on the Soccerbee tracker, put it in the pouch on the back of Soccerbee vest, play soccer, and then send the data to the app after the game ends, and you can check the solo metrics right away. When doing team analysis, you should make a team schedule first. It is the concept of submitting each player's data to the team schedule. Therefore, when using it as a team, we highly recommend for you to make team schedule before doing team analysis.

It is recommended to check the results after the end of the game. If you check the results of your analysis during the game, it will be divided into two games. If a single match is split into two, there are difficulties in data analysis, so please check the results after all games are over.

Enter the entire competition time and set your session(quarter) position to 'NONE'. This allows you to receive data analysis results except for the time you took a break.

You can set the pitch area required for analysis in 'Analysis Area' of the 'Single/Team Analysis Info' after downloading the data from Soccerbee tracker. The 'Location' that you register when creating new team schedule is used for the purpose of sharing information of where the actual match will be played with the team members.

1. Start Time, Duration, Start and End Time for each Session

Soccerbee provides the metrics results based on the time information set in the 'Single/Team Analysis Info.' Please enter the exact start and end times of the actual match.

2. Positions by each Session

You need to select the position you have actually played for each session. If the session was not played, the position value should be selected as 'NN' so that the analysis result is not affected. Conversely, if you do not enter a position for each session, analysis result will not be provided.

3. Analysis Area

Soccerbee provides the metrics for each position by using only the data that was moved on the pitch during the game time. Therefore, we need to set up a square area over the pitch so that the green dots above the pitch are covered.

Soccerbee BEE lite does not provide game replay function. Therefore, player chips are not visible in the game replay.

Attack, defense, and teamwork figures are analyzed only for sessions analyzed by 10 field players. Therefore, analysis of attack and defense is not provided in the results of team analysis of 9 or less and single analysis.

Soccerbee uses machine learning technology to calculate ratings by synthesizing metrics such as distance run, top speed, number of sprint and coverage, as well as turnover frequency, acceleration, deceleration, average speed, sprint distance, and frequency of high-intensity movements by position.

Sprint is counted as 1 when moving over a certain speed for more than 1 second. It is shown in yellow arrow when it is over 8.7mph and in red arrow when it is over 11.2mph.

Yes, valid e-mail address is necessary because password reset e-mail will be sent when you lost your password.

Password reset e-mail will be sent when you click "Forgot my password" on log in page.

You can change your password on My page > Settings > Change password.

It is optional, but if you enter all the information, you will be able to manage your team players more systematically.